Sam Altman Net Worth 2023: OpenAI CEO’s Fortune

Sam Altman Net Worth 2023: Currently, the net worth of Sam Altman is estimted at around $500 million.

Sam Altman is an Investor, an Entrepreneur and a Programmer. Born on April 22, 1985, Chicago, Illinois.

He Co-founded Loopt, and is the current CEO of OpenAI.

Early Life

Raised as a Jewish, he grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and attended John Burroughs School, a college preparatory school in the Ladue suburbs.

Altman received his academic education at Stanford University, where he studied computer science before quitting out in 2005.

He is openly Gay since he was a child.

Name Samuel Harris Altman
BornApril 22, 1985
Age38 years
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of Income Entrepreneur/ CEO of OpenAI
Estimated net worth$500 million


Even though dropping out of college, he started his career at a very young age. At the of 19, he co-founded the company Loopt.

The company got shut down in 2012, even after Altman raised over $30 million of venture capital.

He served as president at Y Combinator, and also was the CEO of Reddit for a short time.

Currently he is the CEO of OpenAI (Artificial intelligence Research Laboratory), which he co-founded with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Peter Theil (Venture Capitalist) and the co-founder of LinkedIn.

Sam Altman Net Worth

Altman has been in the business since a young age. Sam Altman has a Net Worth of $500 million.

All his net worth comes from the investments he has made over the years.

OpenAI, Co-founded by him might be his greatest achievement till now. People all over the world are curious about this one and want to learn all about it.

Earlier this year he achieved the title of billionaire in after a fund raising by OpenAI. In March 2023, he stated he does not own any equity in OpenAI.

What is Sam Altman’s Net Worth?

His net worth is estimated at $500 million.

Is Sam altman in a relationship?

He is in a relationship with Oliver Mulherin.

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