Rishi Sunak net worth 2023: Fortune bigger than the Royals

Rishi Sunak net worth 2023: His net worth is estimated at £730 million ($837 million) as of May 2023.

rishi sunak net worth

Born to a goldsmith family on May 12, 1980, in South Hampton, England, Rishi Sunak is Prime Minister of United Kingdom (UK). Sunak went to Winchester college.

He graduated with firsts in Philosophy, Economics and Politics at Lincoln college, Oxford. In 2006 he completed his MBA from Stanford university

NameRishi Sunak
Born May 12, 1980
Age 43 years
WifeAkshata Murthy
Height1.7 m (5′ 7″)
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
ProfessionChancellor of the Exchequer
Estimated net worth£730 million

Rishi Sunak net worth

Rishi Sunak’s net worth, combined with his wife, Akshata Murthy, is estimated at £730 million. Their fortune was bigger than King Charles III himself.
Rishi Sunak, currently the most powerful individual in the United Kingdom, has made history on multiple occasions.
He’s not only the youngest Prime Minister in 210 years, but also the first Prime Minister of color who isn’t a white Christian.
One of the most talked-about aspects of his new position is that he now ranks as the wealthiest person to ever reside at 10 Downing Street.

Personal Life

Rishi Sunak, the youngest Prime Minister of UK is married to Akshata Murthy, the daughter of Infosys Founders, Narayan Murthy and Sudha Murthy.

Political career

Rishi Sunak is the current Prime minister of United States of England (UK).

He is also the leader of the Conservative Party since 2015. He was also the chancellor of the Exchequer for two years (2020-2022), and Chief Secretary of the Treasury (2019-2020), and also the member of parliament for Richmond since 2015.

On February 13, 2020, he became the Finance Minister of England. He left this job in July 2023.

After Liz Truss’s exit, Rishi Sunak’s name has risen to the top of the list of candidates for British Prime Minister.


What is Rishi Sunak’s Net Worth?

Rishi Sunak’s net worth is estimated at £730 million.

Is Rishi Sunak the richest man in UK?

Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy are right now the richest in UK.

Is Rishi Sunak Richer than King Charles III?

Yes, Rishi Sunak is richer than King Charles III.

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