Colleen Hoover Net Worth 2023: How Much Does the Bestselling Author Make?

Colleen Hoover Net Worth 2023: Her net worth in 2023 is $5 million.

Colleen Hoover is a household name among readers of modern romance books. Her stories and characters are so engaging that she has acquired a large following and become quite successful.

Colleen Hoover is a brilliant writer who has made a name for herself in contemporary romance. She writes Romance, Yound Adult, and Self-Help.

Colleen Hoover net worth

Early Life

Colleen Hoover was born and raised in Texas, and her path to becoming a best-selling author is amazing. She loved to write when she was young, but it was just a hobby for her initially.

She went to school to get a degree in social work and worked as a teacher and a salesperson. But she kept writing because she loved it, and she tried out self-publishing.

Name Colleen Hoover
Born 11 December 1979
Age 43 years
Height 5 ft 9 in
Country of Origin Texas, United States
Source of Income Author
Parents Eddie FennellVannoy Fite
SpouseWilliam Heath Hoover (m. 2000) 
Social Media Profiles Colleen Hoover instagram Colleen Hoover twitter Colleen Hoover facebook profile
Monthly Salary $100,000
Yearly Income $1 million +
Colleen Hoover’s net worth 2023 $5 million


Colleen Hoover’s breakthrough came when she self-published her debut novel, “Slammed,” in 2012. The book quickly gained traction and became a bestseller, garnering immense praise from readers and critics alike.

Around the same time, Hoover’s works gained popularity on Wattpad’s online storytelling platform, further expanding her fan base.

After the popularity of “Slammed,” Colleen Hoover wrote numerous other bestsellers. Many of her publications, such as “Point of Retreat,” “It Ends with Us,” and “Verity,” have been translated into dozens of languages and published at the top of their respective bestseller lists.

Hoover’s enormous success might be partly attributed to her ability to write fascinating stories in various romance genres.

Colleen Hoover has sold around 20 million copies of her book worldwide. Several of her novels have been optioned for cinema adaptations, increasing her income significantly.

Recently, her Novel “It Ends With Us” has been adapted for a movie featuring Blake Lively, Justin Baldoni, and Brendon Sklener.

Colleen Hoover Net Worth

According to the sources like Forbes, Colleen Hoover’s net worth is $5 million.

This huge fortune comes from the success of her Book sales, Film rights, Merchandise sales, and Speaking engagements.

Colleen Hoover’s Books

Some of Colleen Hoover’s best-selling books

  • Slammed – 2012
  • Hopeless – 2012
  • Maybe Someday – 2014
  • Ugly Love – 2014
  • Never Never – 2015
  • Confess – 2015
  • November 9 – 2015
  • It Ends with Us – 2016
  • Verity – 2018
  • It Starts with Us – 2022


How much is Colleen Hoover net worth 2023?

Her net worth as of 2023 is $5 million.

What is Colleen Hoover’s best selling novel?

It Ends with Us is Colleen Hovver’s best selling novel.

How old is Colleen Hoover?

She is 43 years old.

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