Best Supplements For Hair Growth: A Gateway To Your Hair Growth Journey

This article will comprise of understanding the best supplement for hair growth and thickness.

Note that hair loss can occur due to many forbidden reasons. Some being from mounting stress, childbirth, or even genetics. Additionally could be even from a neglected diet.

Keeping a healthy, clean diet along with a non-sedentary lifestyle is a necessity.

Under this line, people resort to finding hair supplements for ease. Knowing that the best hair supplements comprise Biotin, Omega-3 fatty acids, and many vitamins is paramount. Supplements are a great way to consume nutrients one cannot get through a diet.

Best supplements for hair

While shampoos and conditioners claim to aid the health of your hair, they may nourish the surface of your hair only. However, indigestion of vitamins would internally nourish the body for optimal growth. 

Knowing the component of your hair, along with its structure, is rudimentary.

Understanding the Structure of your Hair

Ever wondered about the structure of your hair?

Keratin is a hard protein that makes up hair. Each hair is anchored to the skin by a hair follicle. The base of the hair follicle is made up of the hair bulb. Living cells divide and proliferate to form the hair shaft in the hair bulb. There is a hair root and a hair shaft in every hair. The section of the hair that is visible and protrudes from the skin is called the shaft. The skin’s deeper layers contain the hair root, which is located there. It is encircled by the hair follicle, which is joined to a sebaceous gland by a sheath of skin and connective tissue.

So what causes hair thinning?

Acknowledging these, several factors can contribute to hair loss or thinning hair, including nutritional inadequacies. Therefore, while vitamins and supplements are not a miraculous cure, the appropriate ones could affect how your hair feels and looks. Factors such as hereditary, medical conditions, hormonal changes, and aging are some of the common reasons for hair thinning.

Knowing this, it is vital to understand the properties of vitamins. An oral supplement you take is absorbed into your circulation, feeding all of the cells, including the hair follicles. Just be aware that vitamins for hair development function more indirectly.

What causes hair loss in males and females?

Females experience hair loss due factors such as pregnancy, menopause, child birth, thyroid, hormonal changes and PCOD.

Whereas, males experience hair loss due factors such as hormonal changes, aging and hereditary reasons.

Do you want to work on your hair and learn more about the various types of vitamins and their functioning? Let us get into it.

The best supplement for hair growth is Biotin. Along with this, the list of vitamins essential for hair growth are as follows. These vitamins are best for the health of your hair:

  • Biotin – improves hair growth, smoothness, and hydration.
  • Zinc – controls hair loss.
  • Vitamin A – helps hair grow.
  • Vitamin B – aids in healthy cell rejuvenation.
  • Vitamin B7 – promotes healthy hair.
  • Vitamin B12 – aims to increase oxygen to hair follicles
  • Vitamin C – prevents breakage and weakness of hair.
  • Vitamin D – stimulates hair follicles to grow.
  • Collagen – builds protein in the body.
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – backs up Collagen.
  • Fish oil – promotes hair growth.
  • Omega 3 – reduces scalp oiliness, and prevents dandruff and hair loss.
  • Selenium – prevents dandruff-causing fungus
  • Nutrafol – improves hair regrowth.
  • Multivitamins – aids in better hair health.
  • Amino acids – boost Collagen, protection from sun damage, and strengthen hair.
  • Aloe Vera – controls greasy and itchy scalps, and protects from UV damage.
  • Folic acid – increases volume and prevents premature greying.

Keeping this in mind, let us know more about some top 10 hair growth tablets you can take for good hair health. We have curated some reviews for your convenience to pick the best supplement for your hair growth!

Here are some best supplements for your hair growth:

1. INLIFE Advanced Hair, Skin, Nails Vitamins

INLIFE Advanced hair, skin, nails vitamins is a great choice for hair, skin and nails because of multiple nutrients like biotin and amino acids.

  • Price – ₹694
  • Components – Biotin, multivitamins and Amino acids
  • Available on –  Amazon, Flipkart
  • Link – Click Here

2. MuscleXP Biotin

MuscleXP Biotin is used by celebrities with excellent package of nutrients. It is cost-effective and has great reviews online.

  • Price – ₹ 249
  • Components – Biotin and Amino acids
  • Available on –  Amazon, Flipkart … (more)
  • Link – Click Here

3. Purna Hair Gummies

Purna Hair Gummies is a great option for growth and health of hair with plenty of Biotin.

  • Price – ₹ 199
  • Components – Biotin (5000 mcg) and Vitamin B7
  • Available on – Amazon, Flipkart
  • LinkClick Here

4. Bold Care Organic Biotin Tablet

Bold Care Organic Biotin Tablet is a great product used by men for male pattern hair loss.

  • Price – ₹ 399
  • Components – Vitamins, Zinc and Aloe Vera
  • Available on  – Amazon, Flipkart … (more)
  • Link- Click Here

5. Nutrainix Organic Collagen Builder

Nutrainix Organic Collagen Builder is supposedly great for hair and skin because of Collagen. As mentioned above, collagen is very vital for the production and maintenance of strong, healthy hair.

  • Price – ₹ 429
  • Components – Biotin and Vitamin C
  • Available on – Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa… (more)
  • Link – Click here

6. Kapiva Biotin with Aloe Vera Gummies

Kapiva Biotin with Aloe Vera Gummies is best known for naturally remedying hair fall and fasten hair growth. It is an ayurvedic product for those on the lookout for natural ingredients.

  • Price – ₹ 700
  • Components – Biotin with Aloe vera
  • Available on – Flipkart … (more)
  • Link – Click here

7. Himalaya Organic Biotin – dietary supplement

Himalaya Organic Biotin claims to improve hair, skin and nails and contains Biotin for instant growth.

  • Price – ₹ 569
  • Components – Biotin (10000 mcg)
  • Available on – Amazon, Himalaya website … (more)
  • Link – Click here

8. Healthvit Biotino

Healthvit Biotino is a great alternative for hair growth. It also boosts metabolism and facilitates weight management.

  • Price – ₹ 299
  • Components – Biotin (5000 mcg)
  • Available on – Flipkart …
  • Link – Click here

9. Be Bodywise Biotin Hair

Be Bodywise Biotin Hair is best known to promote stronger, shinier hair with goodness of Biotin and Folic acid.

  • Price – ₹ 999
  • Components – Biotin, Folic acid, Zinc
  • Available on – Amazon, Flipkart, Health and Glow … (more)
  • Link – Click Here

10.Power Gummies Vitamins for Gorgeous hair and nails

Power Gummies Vitamins for Gorgeous hair and nails is used by celebrities. It has a delicious taste, catering to a mass audience.

  • Price – ₹ 840
  • Components – Biotin and Vitamins A-E
  • Available on – Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa … (more)
  • Link – Click Here

As seen above, there were some of the nutritional supplements that one can use to enhance their hair health.

So what is the reality to this? There is some further information you must know before picking the best supplement for hair.

How to pick the best supplement for your hair?

Your diet, past medical history, and if you currently use any other drugs or supplements will all affect which hair growth supplement is ideal for you.

Vitamins and minerals like zinc and biotin are common ingredients in hair development supplements, although other combinations may be used in different recipes. Before beginning a hair growth supplement, speak with your doctor since certain vitamins, such A and C, can be dangerous in large dosages.

Do Hair Vitamins work?

Not to burst your bubble but vitamin supplements that promote new hair growth and stop future hair loss are not proven to be effective by clinical trials.

It depends on the cause of hair loss if a vitamin supplement may improve hair health. Vitamins for hair development won’t assist if you have a medical issue or are taking drugs for it.

Are the supplements safe?

Many people may get the essential nutrients they need by eating a balanced diet. However, providing that the supplement supplies nutrients in proportions that comply to the recommended daily allowance (RDA), multivitamin and mineral supplements are typically safe in healthy adults.

High amounts of some vitamins, such as vitamin C and several B vitamins, can cause toxicity symptoms such kidney stones or rosacea.

When to see a doctor about your hair loss?

It is absolutely normal to shed 50-100 strands of hair every day. However, if you experience hair loss way more than this figure, there are chances you may be going through an underlying health condition.
That is when you should choose to consult a doctor.

Is there a natural way to work on your hair?

Yes, if you wish to not use dietary supplements to aid the health of your hair, you can switch to foods which promote hair health. Here are a list of foods which can be a saving grace to your hair:

  • Egg
  • Avocado oil
  • Spinach
  • Salmon
  • Jojoba oil
  • Oyster
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Berries
  • Walnuts
  • Fish
  • Citrus

The usefulness of a multivitamin is combined with vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K in this dietary supplement, along with adaptogenic herbs ginseng and ashwagandha that assist your body’s stress reaction be tempered.

These could aid you in keeping your existing hair because stress has been linked to hair loss and thinning. Happy customers claim to experience remarkable hair regeneration and realise they shed less hair in the shower.

The bottom line

Occasionally, vitamin deficiencies that result in poor hair health can be treated with supplements to enhance hair quality. Increasing your consumption of these nutrients may help. Hair loss is also associated with diets low in calories, fat, or protein.

However, it’s doubtful that taking supplements for hair will offer any advantages to the majority of healthy people. To provide your body the nutrients it needs to grow good hair, concentrate on eating a diversified diet that consists primarily of foods that have undergone minimal processing.


How to fasten hair growth?

Eating a diet high in minerals like zinc and iron may help you encourage hair growth.

Eating a diet high in minerals like zinc and iron may help you encourage hair growth.

Certain nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, may influence hair thickness, according to research.

Which deficiency of vitamin causes hair loss?

Decreased protein and inadequacy of Biotin, Iron and Zinc can lead to hair loss.

Does biotin work for hair?

A Biotin shortage can be treated by taking a supplement that contains biotin.

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