T.B. & Chest

The department has accommodation for teaching and non teaching staff; a clinical demonstration room; departmental library cum seminar room and a research laboratory. There is an OPD, 20 teaching beds working under 1 unit of staff. The I.C.U. is common with Medicine. Average OPD is 40 and the average bed occupancy is 70%. The department is recognized by CPS, Mumbai for P.G. studies and 1 student is admitted every term for D.T.D.

The department has adequate facilities for teaching and management of patients.

The teaching programs includes lectures, seminars, tutorials and 2 weeks of clinical posting. Department is actively involved in multi diagnostic camps organized in nearby villages.

The department is attached to RNTCP at Dhule district TB center. There is daily OPD of follow up cases. There is facilities for chest X-ray and sputum-microscopy.

All procedures - diagnostic - tapping, biopsy, bronchi-logy are available.