The department has office accommodation for all the teaching and non teaching staff. The department has 60 seater demonstration room with audio visual facilities. The amphibian Laboratory is of 100 sqm. area, with capacity to accommodate 35 students and has all the infrastructure and instruments required for amphibian experimental procedures. There is a 25 sqm. mammalian laboratory with 20 students sitting arrangements equipped with extension kymographs with respiration pump, motor & time marker manometer, operation table, organ baths, surgical dissection instruments besides routine equipments. Hematology Laboratory is of 100 sqm. to accommodate 35 students and has sufficient monocular & binocular microscopes, demonstration eye pieces, refrigerator, centrifuges, sterilizers, to mention a few. The Clinical Physiology Laboratory is of 60 sqm. and can accommodate 35 students. It has stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, perimeters, Physiographs, ECG machines, spirometers, BMR apparatus, ergographs, stethographs and all other common instruments. There is a well equipped research laboratory. The departmental library cum seminar room has sufficient number of books. The teaching schedule includes approximately 150 lectures, 50 tutorials, 30 demonstrations, 50 practicals and seminars.

List of Instruments

S No. Name of Instrument No
1 Perimeter 03
2 BMR Apparatus 01
3 Bicycle Ergograph 01
4 Retinoscope 01
5 Microscopes 45
6 Large Extension Kymographs Brodie-starling complete with respiration pump, motor, and time marker manometer 01
7 Operation table 01
8 dale's bath for internal organs 02
9 Isolated organs bath for students' complete with lever 01