The department has accommodation for teaching and non teaching staff; a well equipped research laboratory; departmental library cum seminar room with adequate books; a demonstration room to seat 60 students; two well equipped student laboratories - for experimental pharmacology & clinical pharmacology cum pharmacy, each being 140 sqm., each having 50 seats and preparation room; and a 100 sqm. museum having a huge collection of drugs and a large number of charts, laminated models and exhibits, with their catalogues, arranged system wise.
Teaching methodology includes 120 lectures, 60 practicals, 10 demonstrations, 25 tutorials and 10 seminars.
The department has super speed kymographs with operation table & respiratory pump, dissecting instruments, enterographs, levers, micro analytical monopan balance, manometers, refrigerator, incubator, hot air oven, animal balance, projectors, oxygen cylinder, colorimeter, centrifuges, balances, grinder, instrument sterilizer, personal scale, hot plate, stop watch, electro convulsiometer, analgesiometer, Cook's pole climbing apparatus, sphygmomanometer, stethoscopes, distillation apparatus, animal cages, dispensing balances, and other necessary glass ware, chemicals and routine instruments and equipment.