The department has office accommodation for the teaching and non teaching staff; departmental library cum seminar room with adequate books; two demonstration halls with capacity of 60 & 30 students respectively; two practical laboratories - Histopathology & clinical pathology - being 140 sqm. each, each having capacity of 60 seats and with facility of 1 microscope for 1 student.

The teaching methodology includes about 110 lectures, 55 practicals, 50 tutorials and 30 demonstrations.

The department also controls and supervises the service laboratories of Histopathology, Cytopathology, Haematology and clinical pathology, which also provide emergency Hospital Pathology services for the OPD & IPD patients.

The department museum is 150 sqm and has capacity of 60 students. It has 520 mounted and 30 unmounted specimens, charts, models, photographs and exhibits with their catalogues arranged system wise.

The autopsy block with all the facilities is shared with Department of Forensic Medicine. There is also a well equipped research laboratory. There is an air conditioned, FDA approved blood bank that collects and issues about 125 units of blood every month. Various tests are done on the blood samples such as, for hepatis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, Maleria, HIV, blood group, Rh testing, etc.

The department has various practical laboratories such as, morbid anatomy, Histopathology, cytopathology, clinical pathology, Haematology.

The department has automatic tissue processor, binocular research and student microscopes micrometers, polarizing attachments, double demonstration eye pieces, over head and slide projectors, incubators, ovens, haemoglobinometers, sedimentation apparatus, urinometers, albuminometers, water still, water baths, colorimeter, centrifuge machines, staining troughs & jars and other routine instruments, chemicals and glassware.

The department is approved by College of Physicians & Surgeons, Mumbai for diploma courses and P.G. students are regularly admitted for D.P.B.

List of Investigations Done in the Department

Haemogram / CBC PBS examination
Platelet count reticulocyte count
B.T., C.T., blood group urine - routine and microscopy
Abs. Eosinophil Prothrombin time
Semen analysis Stool - routine and microscopy
Widal test Maleria Ag
VDRL / RA / ASD / CRP HbsAg / HIV test
Sputum for AFB Sickling test
Urine pregnancy test CSF / pleural fluid / Ascitic fluid - cytology
FNAC histopathological examination