Obstetrics And Gynaecology:

The department has office accommodation for teaching and non teaching staff; a research laboratory; departmental library cum seminar room with sufficient books and a 25 seater clinical demonstration room. In the OPD, there are 4 rooms for examining patients and there is a clinical demonstration room. Average daily OPD is 60. The 60 hospital beds are obstetrics-35, Gynaecology-20 and post partum-5. There is a 2 bedded eclampsia room. The I.C.C.U. is common with the rest of hospital and nursery is shared with paediatrics.

There are separate, well equipped, operation theatres for obstetrics and gynaecology. There are separate clean & septic labour rooms. Anaesthetist room, preparation room, sterilizing room, nursery room, post operative wards, resuscitation wards, and baby room are provided. Average annual operations done are- gynaecology (major )-250, gynaecology (minor)-600, labour-1100, sterilizations-1400. Family welfare clinic is run daily while antenatal clinic, post natal clinic, sterility clinic and cancer detection clinics are conducted twice a week.

The facilities include, microscopes, laproscopes, colposcope, foetal monitor, oxytocin infusion pump, non-stress test machine, cryoceutery, Ayer's spatula, USG, Pulse Oxymeter, and instruments and equipments for various surgeries like hysterectomy, laparotomy,  laparoscopy, myomectomy, biopsy, tuboplasty, vaginoplasty, hydrotubation, caesarian section, hysterectomy, amniocentesis and other routine procedures. The department has projectors, computer, skeleton, specimen and other specimens, view boxes, etc. for teaching.

Teaching programme includes 160 lectures, 60 tutorials, 35 seminars, and clinical posting of students for 24 weeks, wherein the students are posted in the OPD, IPD, OT & labour room. Students attend clinico- pathological conferences and maintain a record of case histories and deliveries. The department is recognized by CPS Mumbai for PG and 4 students per term are admitted for DGO.

Clinical facilities in the department include

Obstetrics and Gynaecology OPD Emergency Obstetric Care
Adolescent Health Care NICU
ICCU PPTCT Programme
Antenatal Clinic VCTC Programme
Infertility Oncology
Family Welfare Clinic  

Following Special Facilities are available in the department:

Screening for Genital Malignancy Screening for Gestational Diasetes