Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

The department has office accommodation for teaching and non teaching staff; a 60 sqm., 60 seater demonstration room; a well equipped research laboratory; departmental library cum seminar room; a 20 sqm. laboratory; a mortuary block and a 150 sqm. museum. There are adequate facilities in hospital for handling, investigating and treating the cases of medicologal emergencies and cases of poisoning.
The museum has 60 charts, 75 models, 85 photographs, 80 radiographs & medicolegal exhibits, 6 sets of bones, 102 arms & weapons, 123 poisons and about 100 morbid specimens.
The teaching methodology includes 70 lectures, 30 practicals, 30 demonstrations, 15 tutorials and 5 seminars.
The facilities include binocular microscope, student microscope, organ weighing machine, height & weight machine, styker's autopsy saw, PM set, anthropometer, osteometric board, slide projector, chemical balance, spectroscope and autopsy table, besides other routine equipment, glass ware and chemicals.

The department has authored the following books :-
- Forensic Medicine & Jurisprudence -------------------1st ed, 2003.
- Toxicology At a Glance ------------------------------5th ed, 2002.
- 3261 MCQ's in FMT ----------------------------------3rd reprint, 2002.
- Doctor & Law ---------------------------------------1st ed, 1999.
- Medical Ethics & CPA --------------------------------1st ed, 2001.