Community Medicine

The subject of Community Medicine is of vital importance in developing strategies to deal effectively the emerging and re-emerging infections like HIV/AIDS, SARS, Mad Cow disease (CJD), Bird flu etc. where the control and preventive measures are the key factors.

The department has office accommodation for teaching and non-teaching staff; a 50 Sqm research laboratory; departmental library cum seminar room with adequate books; a 50 seater demonstration room; and a 50 sqm; 30 seater practical laboratory with 30 microscopes. The 70 sqm museum with seating capacity of 25 students has sufficient catalogues and the large number of slides charts, models and exhibits on nutrition, environment, parasitology, communicable diseases, entomology, health disease, geography, child survival & safe motherhood and others. The instruments and equipments, besides routine are microscopes, dissecting microscopes, barometer, lactometer, alcometer hydrometer, thermometer, incubators, Berkefield filter, balances, sterilizer, chloroscope and horrcck's apparatus and Iodine testing kit etc.

There are 3 rural health centres at Kheda, Mukti and Lamkani PHCs and an urban health centre. Having all the necessary facilities. The students conduct family survey, diet survey, school health checkup, immunization and family welfare. The visits are also arranged to tuberculosis, leprosy and malaria centres, Grampanchayat, water purification, and water disposal plants, public health laboratory, RCH, ICDS, PHC, old age home, milk dairy and blind school etc.

The teaching methodology includes 130 lectures, 80 demonstrations, 30 practicals, 10 tutorials and 5 seminars. In a batch of 25, students are posted in the hospital for 3 months on rotation, wherein bed side clinics, clinico social case reviews, OPD teaching, demonstrations and preventive health services are taught. All students and interns maintain a record of cases received.

List of Equipments in the Department of PSM

S. No. Name of the Equipment No.
1 Filter Berkefeld 01
2 Hydrometers Spirit 03
3 hydrometer Milk 01
4 hydrometer, Wet & dry Bulb 01
5 Dissecting Microscope 01
6 Sling Psychrometer 01