The Department of Anatomy provides high quality teaching of anatomical sciences to medical students.  Department maintains a working environment conducive to the professional and personal well-being of every member of the Department, and it promotes academic relationships with other departments that helps achieve the goals of teaching and research excellence.

The human anatomy curriculum includes basic, applied, and clinical anatomy as well as introductions to diagnostic imaging, differential diagnosis, physical exam, surgery, and other components.  The department provides impetus, instruction, challenge, and guidance regarding knowledge of the human body and its tissues both conceptually and through cadaveric and microscopic study.

The department has office accommodation for all the teaching and non-teaching staff. The department has 60 seater demonstration halls, with facilities for audio visual projections. There is departmental library cum seminar room with large number of books, a spacious 150 sqm. dissection hall, with 20 tables to accommodate 120 students, There is facility for injection of the dead body; an embalming room, two storage tanks for dead bodies and 2 cooling cabinets (for 3 dead bodies each). There is 150 sqm histology laboratory having 30 microscopes and accommodation capacity for 60 students. There is a research laboratory and a 150 sqm. Museum with vast number for mounted specimens. In addition, the museum has a large number of charts, posters, photographs, and  skeletons  arranged section wise. There is proper seating arrangement for the students in museum, to study the specimen and take down the notes .

The teaching methodology includes about 170 Lectures, 50 demonstrations, 50 tutorials, and the practicals  150 for dissection and 40 for Histology.

The instruments and equipment in the department include student microscopes, rotary microtome, Hot air oven, incubator bath, bone and meat cutting machine, binocular, microscopes, dissection instruments  besides all routine equipments.